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March 5, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Parking hogs

Ever since they instituted paid parking in downtown Haverhill, the Village Mall across from the parking garage has been full to capacity during the week with workers and others avoiding the parking fees downtown, even though the signs clearly say Village Mall parking only. It’s difficult to find a parking spot that isn’t all the way down the opposite end.

Looking good

Hurrah for the new mayor of Lawrence, who decided to make the workers around him look professional for the first time in years. I only hope other mayors throughout the country will read about it and follow suit. As for the mayors, they should wear ties all the time not just some of the time.

What a joke

To “MSNBC is the Future”: Surely you are joking. The NBC corporation must take MSNBC as a loss write-off every year because of it’s very low ratings. MSNBC is the lowest rated of all news media outlets.

Hardly working

Working in a kitchen watching two young people talking for five minutes and working for two minute. Repeat it over and over again. Obama says give them a raise. Incompetence should not be rewarded. Winston Churchill was once asked how many people work in the Parliament. His answer was about half of them. Caught on in the USA.

No to draft

To those readers who favor reinstating the draft as an avenue for getting addicts and incorrigibles off the streets, the military stopped taking such deadbeats years ago and for good reason. Used to be kids who dropped out of school and were on the fast track for prison were given one last chance to straighten up in the military. What happened? Many flunked out of basic training at a high cost to taxpayers. Some, unstable to begin with, continued their horrible behavior but now had access to potentially deadly weapons of mass destruction! Today, thank God, the military carefully screens those who want to enlist and only takes the best!

Yes to draft

I agree we should bring back the draft, but for a different reason. The possibility that you or a family member may have to get involved in defending the country puts a different slant on how much attention you give to what is going on in the world. A very high percentage of people in this country are oblivious when in comes to U.S. history or current world affairs. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that they are completely detached from actually having to get involved with any of it. There was a stat on TV last week that 47 percent of the people in this country were not able to name Germany and Japan as our enemies in WWII — I find that amazing and depressing.

Defending Rep. Campbell

The remarks made by an uninformed caller attacking Rep. Linda Dean Campbell shows that he or she doesn’t understand the issue at hand. Rep. Campbell has been working very closely with our town and state officials to rectify a situation that amends the net school spending recommendations. Her time and effort on behalf of Methuen are commendable. She always listens to and supports her constituents and our elected city officials.