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November 13, 2012

Sound Off



The conservatives cannot fix the mess we are in, which was caused by the conservatives. No matter what they say they cannot prove they have ever done it. If you read anything about our history you would know they have never done it and with their idea how to fix this mess they just don’t have the qualifications. It is hard to understand their thinking if they do not believe people should be helped. Then on the opposite side, they must believe that it is OK for 1 percent of the population to own everything. Isn’t that how billionaires are made.

No Republicans

I hear that Massachusetts will be issuing new license plates shortly. They will be a lovely shade of blue with white lettering indicating the state’s new motto: “Massachusetts, a One-Party State. Republicans Need Not Apply.”

His mess

The president should weep. After all, he has no one else to blame now for the mess he created! Days after the election and the second largest defense contractor is cutting 30 percent of its work force. Pepsi has cut thousands of jobs and this is just the beginning. “Forward?”

Job losses

Well America, you wanted Obama, you got him. But if you thought unemployment was bad, watch what is coming. Boeing is announcing layoffs; how soon will it be before Raytheon and other large employers follow? This will be followed by companies that supply parts and services to these large employers. Many chain restaurants have already said they will be cutting their employees to 30 hours or less per week. Also don’t forget all the tax increases under Obama care that are coming.

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