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December 14, 2013

Sound Off


Thanks for the Xmas present from Haverhill Mayor Fiorentini and Chief Denaro. Tickets and more tickets on cars in Bradford Thursday night. Haverhill’s finest instead of fighting crime are putting tickets on cars. Looks like they are raising funds to buy the firetruck.


Just read in the Tribune that a Methuen councillor cast her vote the wrong way, delaying a tax rate. It goes to show the citizens should stop electing the same old retreads. Methuen could do better. This latest episode proves enough is enough.

Comedy tonight

The best comedy on TV Wednesday night wasn’t “Modern Family,” it was the Methuen City Council. They should sell the rights to a network that needs a good show and they can solve the tax rate problem. Seven members passed the budget last June, but apparently campaign season never ends in Methuen and the battle goes on. If $35 is going to bankrupt anyone, have them call me, and I’ll give them the $35.

Wages of sin

If teachers don’t set the bar high and act ethically, they will never be a good example to their students. The same can be said of parents. The world treats illegitimate children as if it doesn’t matter. But it does matter. God is very clear in his word, that there is an order to things, a biblical model. That biblical model is what the school is trying to teach, and people pay for their kids to be taught. Yes, the church is forgiving. Jesus is forgiving. But do not confuse “forgiveness” with not having to pay the piper for your actions. Sin always has a consequence. Example: You can be very sorry you jumped off a bridge and ask forgiveness half way down. And you will get forgiveness from God, but you will still have to reconcile with gravity.

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