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December 16, 2013

Sound Off

Cheapskate colleges

What is it about these schools of higher learning? They charge absurdly high prices to attend but do not pay their own help. Harvard has the highest college endowment in the world, but a few years ago the blue-color workers and others had to go on strike for more pay. A few weeks ago, professors at MIT went on strike for more money. Also, community colleges are great for the kids who go there, but the help is certainly not overpaid by any means. I guess this proves one thing: If you go to college don’t take up any classes that will get you a job in college.

Brotherly love

Methuen’s public union puppet, City Council Chairman Sean Fountain, is against cutting the outrageous overtime being racked up by the Police and Fire departments. The Fire Department has spent almost 75 percent of its overtime budget in less than half a year. I wonder how many will be racking up over $100K to $150K this year? He would rather raise property taxes than take money out of his the pockets of his “brothers.” Nothing like playing the “public safety” card. Just like the teachers who are doing it “for the children.” It must be nice for the firefighters to be represented by a fellow firefighter. Way to go, Sean.

Public waking up

The Sound Off writer who wrote about the value of work apparently has low self-esteem but should not try to pass it on to others. People work at McDonald’s and Walmart because there are no other jobs around, and these jobs are worth more than they are paying them. The public is beginning to realize what I have know since the Depression, that these giant corporations have become giants on the backs of low-paying wage-earners. The public is starting to realize this, thus we have them striking for a day. We are going to see much more of this when the rest of the public realizes that some changes can be made — and will be made. It will take time, but it will happen because people are getting smarter and will do what needs to be done.

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