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December 16, 2013

Letter: Uncle Omar, Aunt Zeituni and President Obama

To the editor:

Yet another lie is revealed. We remember when illegal immigrant Onyango “Omar” Obama was arrested in 2011 for drunk driving and President Obama said he did not know and had never even heard of his Uncle Onyango.

But while under oath in court for a deportation hearing, Onyango “Omar” testified that his nephew had lived with him for three weeks awaiting his Cambridge living quarters to attend Harvard University.

This most recent lie is again not a lie, as it is slathered with excuses by the White House spokesman, Eric Schultz, in a news release. Schultz says someone else in the president’s press office misspoke because the press office did not know that the president knew his uncle. It is always someone else who is blamed for the President’s lies or misjudgments.

What I really want to know is, did the President tell the truth when he promised to uphold the Constitution? We have lost so many liberties under this administration. Even the president himself is forbidden to use a cell phone because of the spies that listen to us.

Uncle Omar did not get deported. I’d like to think he was rewarded with his green card for showing respect to a U.S. court, and telling the truth under oath, not because he was related to Aunt Zeituni Onyango and the president.

Beatrice Heinze


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