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December 17, 2013

Letter: Illegal immigration adds to cost of Obamacare

To the editor:

Liberals are emotional people. That is why they want Obamacare introduced at any cost. During the Bush administration, we used to talk in billions, now we talk in trillions. Inflation is going through the roof. President Obama should be credited for that. He is printing money like a drunken kid.

Jim Cain blasted the GOP in a letter to the editor ( “Parties must cooperate to make health care law work,” Dec. 9 ) , saying tea party supporters are an “array of nodding bobble heads,” the GOP has a siege mentality, opposing anything Obama favors.

Obama is an arrogant president who does not listen to Congress. At every opportunity, he will use executive power to void something he does not like. To conceal his dishonesty, he sealed all his educational and financial records while he professed that he would be the most transparent president. Congress does not support him because he is not trustworthy. Using his executive power, he saved Erick Holder from being fired for his involvement in in the “Fast and Furious” scandal.

The GOP has requested Obama repeatedly to seal the southern border so that thousands of people cannot come to America illegally. Illegal immigrants are a burden on America. They get free education, health care, food stamps, etc. America is a smuggler’s paradise, and people will enter this country by the millions, raising the cost of everything.

In order to get the Hispanic vote, Obama is allowing illegal immigration. He told Hispanics, Republicans are your enemy, vote for me. Obama knows how to divide and rule the nation as the British did in India, dividing Hindus and Muslims. America is headed downhill under his leadership.

Obama is not going to seal the southern border. But until and unless, Obama does something to control illegal immigration, Obamacare should not be passed. It will increase the cost of Obamacare many times. Conservatives are right to oppose Obamacare.

Tapan Bhattacharjee


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