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December 18, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — War without end

As a disabled veteran of World War II, would someone explain to me why we are still losing young lives in these endless battles. We have been fighting from Korea, Vietnam to Afghanistan and everything else in between. There was a Hundred Years War, and we are almost there now. There is an old saying that it is always easier to spend other people’s money. I guess it must be with other people’s lives, too. What a shame.

Bad plowing

I still cannot believe how terribly the Lincolnshire/Sherwood development in Bradford was plowed, yet the skinny road of Willow was perfectly plowed down to the pavement and wider than it is when there is no snow. Can someone tell me why this is? The same John Deere tractor plows both neighborhoods! So unsafe for a neighborhood filled with children!

More tickets, please

I am very confused. Why do I see so many cars parked on the streets of Haverhill overnight (outside of houses with empty driveways) without getting parking tickets? There would be an easy way for the city to make some money! Start ticketing the people breaking the law overnight or at least towing their cars so the roads are safely plowed for the people who do obey the parking laws!

Spread the wealth

I agree with “Public waking up.” We are all great and we should all make the same money no matter what we do. Why bother with the hard, complicated positions, or work at all, really? These giant companies and the government, too, have tons of money. Why not give us some? After all, they made it because of us and we deserve all the “stuff” everyone else has, too. And, yes, there will be no jobs out there anyway someday because there will not be any giant companies or any companies, for that matter, to offer them!

A Christmas wish

Maybe 57 percent of Americans will have their wish come true this Christmas: President Obama thrown out of office.


I just wanted to send my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Dan Hardacre, foreman of the Elmwood Cemetery in Methuen. We, very recently, suffered a tragic loss in our family. I visited the cemetery to discuss with someone the many options involving a cremation. I had the good fortune to meet with Mr. Hardacre. He was not only insightful, but also very considerate of our situation. I would suppose Mr. Hardacre meets with grieving family members most often. Nonetheless, he took the time and had a number of perceptive suggestions that pleased our family very much. It’s comforting to understand that there are good people, not only willing, but actually eager to extend themselves for their fellow citizens in their time of need. Again, thank you, Mr. Hardacre.

Clear snow

Please clean the snow off the roofs of your vehicles, including those trucks and vans. While on a short errand today I nearly crashed as several inches of snow flew off the van in front of me and onto my small pickup truck (which had no snow on the roof). This is very dangerous and the drivers who have snow-covered roofs do not even realize this happens. The life you save may be mine or your loved one. Thank you.