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December 18, 2013

Letter: Birth control mandate violates religious freedom

To the editor:

In regards to Mr. Robert Burdin’s letter to the editor, Mr. Burdin misses the true point of the Health and Human Services mandate and it’s intolerance for religious freedom, the very foundation on which our country was built.

I am a Catholic, quite a bit younger than Mr. Burdin and Cardinal Dolan. In my marriage I have used birth control. No Catholic priest has ever prevented me from picking up my birth control prescription at CVS or accosted my husband in the “family planning” isle of Target. Although I have used birth control and am comfortable with the choice I have made, I have deep respect for couples that “accepted children lovingly” without restrictions. I wouldn’t damn their choice in an attempt to validate mine.

I refuse to be fooled by the lie that the Catholic Church is preventing women’s access to “health care” by refusing to provide insurance coverage for birth control, abortifacient drugs including the morning after pill, artificial sterilization and abortions. The fact that 98 percent of Catholics use or have used some form of artificial birth control is often stated as an argument for the Church to accept the reality of its members and change accordingly. In the next breath the same people will claim that the Church is preventing access to birth control. What? How can this argument hold true if 98 percent are using it?

I am perplexed by Sandra Fluke, who attends a private college at a cost of $60,000 per year and argues that it’s someone else’s responsibility to provide her with birth control in order to engage in recreational sex. I am too intelligent to believe that the ability to engage in uncommitted sex is the last remaining obstacle in gender equality. I refuse to buy into the belief that recreational sex is good for women’s health, mental or physical.

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