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December 20, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Health insurance

Thanks go out to Michael Frandzel for a great common-sense letter about the history of health care in these United States. We can only hope that a large number of our readers actually read the entire letter. It was a complete opposite of what we usually read in the Sound Off column -- mostly rumors or wishful dreams of those that pine for the old days of non-wealthy people getting financially wiped out by high medical charges even though they had some health insurance. Thank you, Mr. Frandzel.

Child abuse

It is not unusual to hear of babies being abused in the most horrifying ways lately. The inhuman beasts who cause this torture certainly deserve the severest form of punishment. But, so do the mothers who carelessly leave their children in the care of such cowards. It seems that babies are becoming nothing more than a commodity for such people and a way to accumulate more government funds. Where is the love?


Impeach President Obama? For what? He is doing his job and Bush did not. President Obama cares; Republicans don’t. Impeachment is not going to happen.


Senate Democrats refuse to restore retirement benefits for wounded veterans, but vote to keep welfare benefits for illegal aliens! This is unforgivable.

Get a job

There are ways to provide for yourself and your family besides asking others to do it for you. Getting a minimum wage job and living at home is the first step. Get a trade or take courses at Northern Essex Community College. You’ll find a job that pays good wages. Live within your means. Employment is 94 percent in this geographical area. Socialism is great until we run out of everyone else’s money.

Endless war?

Let me try to explain, although as a veteran you would think you’d know: During World War II, millions of Jews were murdered. In Vietnam, 2 million were “cleansed” after the communists took over. Prior to Afghanistan, 2,500 were killed in the World Trade Center. In Iraq, 200,000 were gassed and buried in mass graves. So the next time I see your “endless war” bumper stickers, that is either the reverse peace sign for “Victory” or your IQ I’m flashing you.


Obama and his cohorts should be ashamed of themselves. In his new budget, they cut the pensions of all our military, yet leave the welfare for illegal aliens intact and leave the pensions for Congress and all federal employees intact with absolutely no reductions. So our great and honorable military who have sacrificed and have come home with serious injuries and trauma have their pensions reduced for protecting our country. Disgraceful! Obama and his cohorts continue to shame our great country. Call your congressman and senators to stop this total insanity and injustice.

Missing boy

A little boy has been missing for months. If it wasn’t for his sister, no one would know. So sad that no one cared enough to notice. Sounds like another Casey Anthony. This parent will get away with a child disappearing and dying. What is wrong with so-called parents today? What about the other relatives of this boy? Did they not care?