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December 20, 2013

Sound Off



Obama and his cohorts should be ashamed of themselves. In his new budget, they cut the pensions of all our military, yet leave the welfare for illegal aliens intact and leave the pensions for Congress and all federal employees intact with absolutely no reductions. So our great and honorable military who have sacrificed and have come home with serious injuries and trauma have their pensions reduced for protecting our country. Disgraceful! Obama and his cohorts continue to shame our great country. Call your congressman and senators to stop this total insanity and injustice.

Missing boy

A little boy has been missing for months. If it wasn’t for his sister, no one would know. So sad that no one cared enough to notice. Sounds like another Casey Anthony. This parent will get away with a child disappearing and dying. What is wrong with so-called parents today? What about the other relatives of this boy? Did they not care?

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