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December 21, 2013

Sound Off

Parking ban

The winter parking ban is in effect. If you got a ticket, that’s your fault, boo-hoo! Don’t blame police, they are doing their jobs. You broke the law when you parked on the wrong side of the street. Grow up. Laws apply to everyone — even though some choose to break them.


How long are we going to let the government turn their back to taking responsibility for their own actions? Seven months ago a little boy disappears right under the nose of DCF, the agency entrusted with his safety, and is now assumed murdered. No one is held personally responsible. The district attorney’s office is investigating, the same office that released Jared Remy on bail, only for him to be accused of killing his girlfriend the next day. No one is held responsible. Why do we allow a government that continually proves its inability to perform its job to risk the lives of the very people who finance its existence?

Missing Wheel

Is anyone else but me annoyed that every Friday night Wheel of Fortune is on at 1:37 a.m.? Channel 4 pre-empts Wheel anytime for any reason — weather, specials etc. Why can’t Pats fans stay up all night to see “All Access” and weather fans stay up all night? Also, the president’s uncle gets a green card. Really, if that was anyone else they would have been deported immediately. Twenty years ago he was ordered to leave. No one knew who Barack Obama was at that time so who dropped the ball then? Drunk driving is a danger to society.


Why is Methuen Councilor Sean Fountain allowed to vote or have a say on any issues involving firefighters. He is a North Andover fireman represented by the same union that represents Methuen firefighters — a conflict of interest for sure. His bias for “his brothers” was evident at a recent Town Meeting when it was suggested that the bloated overtime budget for firefighters be reduced to help lessen the tax burden on residents. He quickly used the public safety scare card and tried to make us believe if that our safety will be at risk if his union members are not allowed more than $1 million in overtime. Methuen West End residents, please consider your vote carefully when Mr. Fountain runs again for re-election.

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