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December 22, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor


As the budget was hammered out for the current biennium, the Legislature recognized the importance of finding new revenue for Fish and Game, and had the foresight to set up the Sustainability Commission. This body is proceeding to look for a solution in a reasonable, responsible manner. Along the way, they will be listening to public concerns.

The commission cares about impacts of various revenue-raising ideas on particular publics. That said, they also recognize that all citizens, as well as the guests that fund our second largest state industry, tourism, benefit from the services provided by Fish and Game, while the majority of the financial burden of operating the Department has been squarely on the shoulders of the state’s sportsmen and women who hunt and fish.

We look forward to the discussion in the coming months, as the Sustainability Commission works with the Fish and Game Department and the public to find new revenues to fill the gap. I intend to strive for an outcome where a means can be found by which the broader public that benefits from Fish and Game’s services contributes to its operation. I honestly believe that most people who enjoy New Hampshire’s outdoors and value our quality of life are willing to do their part. Let’s focus our energies on finding a solution together. Thank you for your interest and engagement as we go forward. Read the Sustainability Commission’s initial report and learn more at http://www.wildnh.com/funding.

Glenn Normandeau

Executive director

N.H. Fish and Game Department

Clinic is not right for Haverhill

To the editor:

Tell me that it is not mind-boggling that wheeler-dealers still manage to come up with proposals that would allow the once “unlawful” to fit into an already screwed-up society. A methadone clinic. Really?! And with a lot of apparent chest-pounding they declare us helpless to stop them. That reeks of help from places I care not to suggest. Surely not the average “Joe” who desires to see Haverhill move forward in a proud and positive way.

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