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December 23, 2013

Sound Off

Test drivers

In response to “Poor driving”: Yes, it’s true about people not having common sense when it comes to blocking a green light when they can’t go anywhere. But there are also lots of people who don’t know what yield means (doesn’t mean to merge) or that you can take a right on red unless stated otherwise, or that you shouldn’t block a crosswalk or a driveway. People don’t use their directionals because of ignorance or just that they don’t know right from left. Written tests from the RMV every few years might be a good way to eliminate road congestion.

Snowed in

Two snowstorms came and went I am still fairly well snowbound. I’ve had no comments about my growing mountain of snow from my neighbors who were very upset last summer because I did not mow my lawn every 10 minutes so therefore my grass was too high and for sure real estate values were going to plummet. Oh well, either they are snow blind or vacationing in Florida. Peace on earth.

Gun violence

Well I hope Wayne Lapierre and the NRA and the tea party are happy now that we’ve got a school shooting taking place just about every day. They ought to be -- that’s what they’ve always wanted, isn’t it? These people have been promoting killing and violence at every turn. When will they learn that the only way to stop these senseless killings is to take every single gun away from private owners? That’s the only way it’s going to work, folks!

On vacation

Well, Obama and the wife and kids are on another vacation. Thousands of people have no insurance, yet he is playing golf. I hope he is having a good time while some woman or child is crying in pain because they cannot get medication to stop the pain because they have no insurance. I hope and pray that this man gets removed from office and is banished from this country that his wife dislikes so much.

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