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December 26, 2013

Sound Off

Life isn’t fair

The real world is life and may not be fair. Don’t complain that your feet ache. There probably is a person out there with no feet. Do some good deeds. It’s therapeutic, and you may find that your feet may not ache as much anymore. Life is a short journey. Make a positive impact. Don’t be selfish, volunteer. Someone needs your kind act. Happy Holidays to all.


Liberals apparently don’t believe in freedom of speech, unless it’s something they agree with. The suspension of Papa Phil from “Duck Dynasty” shows just how much tolerance the so-called progressives have. All of us are at risk if A&E’s philosophy prevails in this country.

Letter carriers

I was wondering how many more letter carriers are going to get attacked on the job. Being out after dark isn’t safe for these people especially during the holiday season. I guess management doesn’t care about these folks.

Not so easy

In response to “Get a job” last week: It isn’t quite as easy as that. I lost my career of 25 years to technology and downsizing. I have no marketable skills now so I looked into community college but I was denied grants because of my demographics -- I’m a single, 48-year-old, white male). I was offered student loans at 10.81 percent interest. At that rate I would be paying off student loans into retirement age. If I could get a job in a new field to begin with and not lose my house in the meantime.

Education costs

Sen. Elizabeth Warren tells us that her fight in 2014 will be to lower the cost of college education. The high cost of education is because she and her overpaid colleagues are bankrupting the education system. In her last year at Harvard, she collected $350,000 for teaching one course and she is one of many swindling student and parents from their savings. Only in Massachusetts can a fraud like Warren be elected state senator.

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