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December 26, 2013

Sound Off



I guess I don’t understand what the “tea party” has to do with promoting violence and killing? I guess I’m not listening to the right people. I do think senseless killing or any killing for that matter is the act of a part of our society that could care less if other people live or die. I agree getting a gun or an ax or knife or a hammer makes it easier for them but, they will kill if they can by any means available. We have to stop coddling the scum that preys on the rest of us and make them very aware of the consequences of their actions.

Ban cars

To the Sound Off caller who wants to take away everyone’s gun because of some nut case in Colorado: Do you want to take away everyone’s car, too? I’m pretty sure someone will be driving drunk on New Year’s Eve.

From Obama

Columnist Dan Thomasson asks where did the Colorado sheriffs get the idea that they could pick and choose which laws to enforce? The obvious answer: Barack Obama. He has unilaterally decided which parts of Obamacare to enforce and which to ignore, which parts of the immigration law to enforce or ignore, EPA laws, IRS laws, and the list goes on. And since Obama is a constitutional scholar, it must be OK. Of course, we have never seen his college transcript so maybe he actually flunked constitutional law.

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