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December 27, 2013

Sound Off


So now that we’ve learned that over one million people have signed up for Obamacare in the first three weeks since the website has been fixed, what are the righties going to do now? Will they do the right thing and now get behind it to help make the law work better, or will they try to fashion a new set of lies that will, once again, fool no one? Either way, it’s clear the ACA is well on its way now, and the few remaining negative comments coming from the peanut gallery are being drowned out by the cheers from its supporters.

Can’t get help

As a manager for a major retailer who struggled to fill my staff this year, it pains me to read that Massachusetts has the nation’s highest unemployment rate. This leads me to ask the question: Are the unemployed truly trying to find jobs? Maybe I’ll have a few more applications after Dec. 28.

Something askew

I agree with the Sound Off caller about temporary handicapped placards. Due to a serious illness, my wife was unable to work for a 10-month period and since she did not have benefits at work, we lost income and struggled financially during that entire time (not to mention the toll facing a life-threatening illness takes). She was denied disability benefits through Social Security because we were honest stating her disability wasn’t expected to exceed a year. But we generously hand out disability and welfare benefits to able-bodied people defrauding the system and reward illegitimacy. I see it every day. What about hard-working citizens who have worked and paid in to the system for so many years? We weren’t asking for lifetime handouts, just some temporary help from a system that we have contributed to for years during that difficult time. Something is terribly askew with our system.

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