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December 29, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Don’t stand in way of Cape Wind

To the editor:

The New Year is usually a sign of optimism and hope for good things to come with new, bigger and better ideas. This particular year ushers in a 13th anniversary of blatant obstruction to an idea whose time is bitterly long overdue. We are of course talking about the Cape Wind Project.

This idea of a clean, green, limitless source of energy has been involved in a major battle of ideology since its inception 13 long years ago. Jim Gordon, the developer of Cape Wind, has taken an estimated $70 million in hard cash of his own to make this energy dream a reality but so far to no avail.

There have been many skirmishes during the past decade, most were in the nature of “snob zoning” or “visual pollution.” Imagine comparing wind turbines to the smokestacks spewing toxic coal residue.

The real war of opposition kicked into high gear when fossil fuel developer Bill Koch came on to the scene. Mr. Koch is the brother of Charles and David Koch who are the majority owners of Koch Industries. Bill has his own fossil fuel company named the Oxbow Group that operates coal mines and also produces petroleum coke. The patriarch of the family, their father Fred Chase Koch, was a major player in the fossil fuel industry and left his children a wonderful and very rich and prosperous life. Bill Koch, a billionaire, has a disdain for Cape Wind and can easily outmatch an ordinary millionaire like Mr. Gordon. Meanwhile Bill Koch has been acquiring large parcels of property on the Cape Islands and has decreed according to the New York Times: “The ability to acquire a special property where I can create a family com- pound for my children and my extended family was and is very important to me.”

As commendable as Koch’s intentions may be, I think a man of his means might think of the great favor he could, at the very same time, contribute to the world by endorsing a clean air energy source that will not harm in any physical way his people or his property.

Robert Burdin


President Obama’s appeasement weakens the nation

To the editor:

President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry continue to promote an agenda of U.S. appeasement.

Kerry has played a leading role in formulating and implementing an agreement with Iran to temporarily put a limit on Iran’s uranium enrichment program for six months. Iran can continue enriching uranium to 5 percent. In return Iran gets access to $7 billion in frozen funds, and more importantly, is able to get partial relief from the crippling burden of the economic sanctions.

Although inspectors will be monitoring the temporary agreement, Iran will probably continue a higher grade uranium enrichment program in secret facilities. As the end of the agreement approaches it can stall and hinder negotiations and ask for the continuation of six month temporary agreements until it has the nuclear weapons. Iran cannot be trusted.

While Kerry is appeasing the Iranians, Obama is busy appeasing China’s power play in the East China Sea. China has declared an air defense zone and wants aircraft to notify China if aircraft enter the international air space. Japan has refused to comply with the demand, but the Obama administration has asked U.S. commercial airlines to make the notifications.

The Obama administration continues to weaken our stature in the world through unbridled appeasement.

Donald A. Moskowitz


Congress dishonors our veterans

To the editor:

An abridged version of the words an officer says to the surviving spouse or next of kin of an American warrior killed in action is: “On behalf of a grateful nation, please accept this flag ...” It is a solemn ceremony meant to demonstrate, not just to the family but to the entire nation, that we value our warriors to the highest degree.

But not any more. Now our Democratic Senate with the aid of nine Republicans has just passed legislation which denies that promise that we are a grateful nation. Looking to cut the national budget, an ungrateful Congress has targeted the military and cut their retirements while maintaining billions of dollars of support for less worthy programs such as providing federal assistance to illegal aliens.

Every American should be ashamed.

Wayne Matthews