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December 30, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Appreciated

I am a Vietnam combat veteran who proudly displays a veteran registration plate. Recently, when I returned to the bank parking lot there was an unaddressed envelope on my windshield. Inside was an unsigned Christmas card thanking me for my service along with a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card. Words cannot describe how I was personally touched. Thank you to the person responsible. Your thoughtful, kind and generous act will always be remembered and forever appreciated. Thank you.

Too busy

I guess Jim Jajuga realized how busy he was when he discovered he only had four votes for the Methuen City Council chairmanship.

Cut their pay

It is time we demand that the Congress, Senate and president take a significant cut in salary, since they saw it fit to decrease the pensions for our brave men and women who protect our great country. Our brave men and women put their lives in danger everyday and come home with severe physical and mental injuries. Our military are drastically under compensated for what they do. Yet our Congress, Senate and president are drastically over-compensated for what they do or more accurately, don’t do. Long lunches, short days, long vacations and insurmountable perks. It is time we slash their salaries in half. Our Congress, Senate and president are members of the 1-percenters, which these frauds and hypocrites say they detest so much.


So Nevada, Illinois and California are in the top five worst-run states. These are the state where Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama are from. And they think they can run the country?

Mobility chairs

So I always thought that those chairs for people with limited mobility were just that -- not to be used as scooters or for going to the grocery stores or for driving all over town. If that is the case, then these chairs should be insured and have license plates on them. And the police should pull these people over to prove that only the people who really need them are using these chairs. And they should obey the rules of the road. Thanks!


Don’t assume that because someone has a handicap placard they are receiving benefits. Many do not and I am one of them. Yes, the system is unfair and needs to be revised. Also, don’t assume that because someone looks OK that they are healthy. Placards are not handed out; they are ordered by doctors for a reason. There are many serious conditions that warrant a placard.

System flawed

So a serial drunken driver avoids jail after how many times being caught? What is wrong with the justice system? What is wrong with the judges? Does he have to kill someone before they put him away? He obviously doesn’t care about laws or the innocent people he could hurt or kill. The judges are to blame for this idiot being on our roads!

Cemetery snow

How sad no one in West Newbury could take the time to plow the Bridge Street Cemetery. Some people like to make a visit, especially on Christmas, to visit a loved one’s grave. So sad.