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December 31, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Fracking

How big is your carbon footprint? We hear this all the time, and I guess smaller is better right? Now if someone said for a very small investment you could get a 50-percent reduction in carbon emissions and potentially lower your utility bill, we would all jump at the chance. Everyone, that is, except for the Conservation Law Foundation and other “environmental” groups that oppose converting coal-fired electric utilities to natural gas. These folks are like petulant children wailing that we need to stop all hydrocarbon use in favor of the notion wind and solar will ever be anything more than a troublesome (but trendy) niche power source. These are the same folks that wail and keen about fracking, which has never been shown to be a significant pollution problem. The CLF needs to decide if they are an environmental group or an anti-hydrocarbon lobby with a little anti-capitalism slant thrown in. Which is it?

Circling the drain

To the Sound Off caller crowing about 1 million Obamacare sign-ups as evidence of its smashing success: I hate to bust your bubble, but 80 percent of those sign-ups were for Medicaid -- which means they aren’t paying a dime. For Obamacare to work it requires young, healthy people willing to pay much higher premiums. But they’re not signing up and they won’t sign up. Obamacare continues to circle the drain, getting closer and closer. Happy New Year!

Social Security

FDR was the greatest president ever. He had a heart instead of a cash register. In 1935, he established Social Security (with a start that was rocky) and it’s still in existence. Wonderful! Any fraud ? Yes, about 5 percent including erroneous payments. No tea party guy here!

Double standard

A man on a TV program disagrees with the LGBT lifestyle and the left explodes with indignation. The Islamic world subjects gays to violent beatings and murder every day just for being gay and we get silence from the LGBT people. I think that we’ve found the double standard.

Living wage

I am curious how much “Can’t Get Help” pays his workers. Is it a living wage that allows them to have a roof over their heads and feed their families or is it minimum wage that requires them to get food stamps, Medicaid, and fuel assistance to meet their basic needs? If the former, then I commend him. If the latter, then I have two comments. First, we taxpayers are subsidizing his business by paying benefits to his workers. Second, if a prospective job pays less than unemployment, a sensible person will keep looking for a job that pays more. Perhaps if he provided that job, he would find the workers he needs.


While I still would rather live in the U.S. than anywhere else, I’m disgusted and ashamed with our government. Congress is on vacation (not that they ever do anything productive) and our illustrious leader is living the good life in Hawaii on our nickel. In the meantime, people have been stripped of their unemployment checks. Granted some folks just don’t want to work, but that cannot be said for all. I know several hard-working people who simply cannot find employment. What are they supposed to live on? I wonder how many times George Washington has rolled over in his grave.