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November 13, 2013

Sound Off

Voting machines

While observing voting at the Bruce School in the largely Lantigua supportive Tower Hill area on voting day, my wife and I noted that the voting machines there also were not working properly during the beginning if the voting period. This seemed to be a matter of poor training of voting officials. Perhaps this explains problems all over the city with voting machines?

Liberal Armerding

Taylor Armerding’s column in the Sunday newspaper really has gotten a rise out of me as well as I am sure others! Granted he is entitled to his opinion and there are others who share that opinion, but they need to sit and think before they open their mouths. I put my money into Social Security to have for when I retire! What liberal Armerding and his other liberals seem to think is the right thing to do is give Social Security to undeserving drug addicts, alcoholics, illegal aliens and those who came here later in life and never worked a day in the U.S., but collect money they’re not entitled to. It’s obvious that Mr. Armerding is out in left field. He states that the president says everyone should pay their fair share? I paid my fair share, pal!

Vietnam history

To the person who wrote “Vietman was started by Lyndon Johnson”: not true. Republican Eisenhower was the first president to send troops to Vietnam and President Ford ended the war. Please educate yourself on war history before you write to any newspaper.

Sums it up

This quote by Winston Churchill sums up Obama’s presidency in one line: “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”


So now Jeanne Shaheen is spearheading an effort to postpone Obamacare. Well, it’s obvious Jeanne Shaheen is only doing this because she is up for re-election in 2014 and she knows what a total debacle and disaster Obamacare is and she is undoubtedly deceiving her constituents into believing she is working for us when in reality she is only concerned with being re-elected. Her effort is just another demonstration of how these liberal Democrats practice deception and hypocrisy. Maybe if she read the bill before she signed it, millions would not be losing their insurance or paying unaffordable insurance premiums.

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