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January 31, 2014

Sound Off

Trickle down

In the current debates over unemployment benefits, the minimum wage, the working poor and economic stresses on the middle class, the term “trickle down economics” has disappeared. For years it was touted as the solution to these issues and justification for many economic decisions including tax reductions. While the “top” (large corporations, the so-called top 1 percent) are clearly doing well, the promised trickling down to the vast majority has not materialized. I guess that really does disprove the concept once and for all.

Road paving

I hope the city of Lawrence thinks twice about paying the overage on the paving of the roads. At least send someone out to look at the “great” job they did, only five months after they were completed they are all falling apart. Have the company come back and fix the mess they and Willy made!

Income gap

Obama says he will close the gap between the wealthy and the middle class and I say good luck to him and I hope he does. He will go down as one of the greatest presidents. History shows us that we have had only one era of middle class and that was right after World War II for the next 30 years or so. People then were living the good life. They had a house, car, belonged to clubs, played tennis and golf, took trips. Nowhere else in our history has the middle class lived like that. Why don’t we notice or admit that the entertainment world has brought this disaster down on us that is the athletes, rock stars, movie stars etc. These people have been reaping in enormous amounts of money, for at best, mediocre performances. With now our overblown population, Obama will have all he can do just to get jobs for everyone. There always have been remarks about socialism. I hope the day doesn’t come when it will look good to us, but that wouldn’t be a bad thing. At least we wouldn’t have the 1 percenters.

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