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February 1, 2014

Sound Off

Check the manual

To the commenter “Letterboxing”: There is nothing wrong with your TV, if it’s a new flat screen. Before complaining, you need to read your instruction manual, some manuals are on screen. Go to menu settings, go to picture settings and you’ll find you can adjust your picture, to appear in many different ways. Try looking for the wide screen setting. Don’t know what brand you have, so you might have to search different functions.


It was a Republican president who adopted the Patriot Act so they could listen in on terrorists. That was the only good thing Bush did. It was under a Republican that welfare increased to its 40 million. It was a Republican who tripled the debt and unemployment. It was OK for Bush to do it and not be held accountable. You right-wingers have nothing to stand on. The Republican Party is toast.

Oil prices

Why is it that oil is 40 cents a gallon higher than gasoline? Price gouging is going on and no one is raising an eyebrow. What is the reason? Correct me if I am wrong but gas costs more to refine than oil. Who is watching these thieves? Are the politicians on the payroll? Can someone investigate this?

Respect needed

Is it possible for more intelligent responses on Sound Off? Can any of you debate without being sarcastic, childish and downright nasty? Can you talk about your views without calling those who disagree with you childish names? Can you respect all presidents, past and present, enough to tone down the ridiculous name-calling and the writing of hate-filled critiques? No wonder our country is in a shambles. You blame Washington for not coming to the table and hashing things out, yet you are acting no better and perhaps even worse. People don’t agree with each other -- a simple fact -- yet one that no one on this board seems to treat with respect.

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