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February 1, 2014

Sound Off



I was just thinking the blue-collar workers in the auto industry are some of the highest paid blue-collars in the country. I assume they mostly live there in Detroit and with their income must live well -- own their homes there, belong to clubs, etc. So the question is: With the auto industry paying some of the best wages to the blue-collars, why is Detroit the dump that it is, how did it get that way and whose fault is it? Can it ever be brought back? This has to be the fault of many people and with that many people, couldn’t they see this coming?

Obama’s party

Obama and his liberal Democrats are a bunch of extreme hypocrites when they speak of income inequality. Obama gives his wife Michelle a 50th birthday party that cost $230,000. That cost legally, was solely his responsibility but instead Mr. “Share the Wealth” keeps taking from taxpayers and keeps his hands in his pocket as he has done so many times before. The hypocrisy of Obama and his fellow liberal Democrats never ceases to amaze me and it just keeps getting worse. Hopefully the 2014 election will stop all this hypocritical, selfish and totally irresponsible behavior. How’s all that “Hope and Change” treating you?

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