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February 2, 2014

Your view: Letters to the editor

Let’s start with a balanced budget

To the editor:

I have to laugh at all the bickering between the left and right here. As an independent who leans towards the conservative view, I tell it like I see it and this is what I see. I see a Senate that hasn’t been truly functional since Ted Kennedy died. The Senate used to function by wheeling and dealing like businessmen do. Give a little, take a little until both sides are satisfied that they got something accomplished. It’s the same way in the House.

Then there’s a president who threatens to veto everything unless it’s his way only. There was very little on the bargaining table when Obama took office and had both the House and Senate on his side. He got used to doing what ever he pleased through the legislative process. Now there is normal gridlock since his party can’t rubber stamp everything, and no one on his side or the GOP are budging or wheeling and dealing much anymore. Now the only way that Obama can have his way is by “executive order” actions and bypassing the voters rights.

While his ambitions are clear and can be considered noble ideas, the feasibility and costs are not within the realm of possibility without repercussions.

His wish to redistribute the wealth is noble but you can’t redistribute the wealth of a nation that the nation does not own without going bankrupt. The only way is to tax the filthy rich at a higher rate and get rid of the loopholes that allows them to evade taxes. The same with Big Corporations as well. Let’s balance a budget and start paying off the deficit first and I’d be happy. Thus far Obama has not gone after the filthy rich and Big Oil and other energy companies because they are the ones who control the world and control him as well as Congress.

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