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February 3, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — The few, the proud

In response to “Not a fan,” who doesn’t see high school wrestling as a sport, I offer you this: The sport of wrestling dates back some 15,000 years. It is a measure of physical and mental strength, endurance and skill. You must compete as an individual and as a team. You must use a combination of strength and strategy, as well as respect for your opponent. Those who coach other sports love the opportunity to have a wrestler on their team for they bring those talents with them to other arenas. Look around at any wrestling tournament in the New England area and see what branch of military recruiters are stationed in the lobby talking with these athletes. It will be the U.S. Marines. Why? Because in many cases these athletes are exactly what the toughest of the tough are looking for: physical strength and endurance, intelligence, focus and commitment. Read with sadness the many Marines who have been killed in action from the Merrimack Valley and 9 out of 10 times you will read they were former wrestlers at their high schools.

Bon appetit

My wife and I work hard all week and really look forward to our Saturday evening out for dinner. Last weekend while enjoying a wonderful meal at a North Andover restaurant, we had the pleasure of dining next to a couple with an small child (about a year old). Tables are relatively close, but the child was occupied and quiet. In complete disregard for anyone around her, the child’s mother opted to change the baby’s diaper on the chair next to me. Could this not have been done in the bathroom? This must have been our night, as a man sitting on my other side decided to blow his nose several times directly into the cloth napkin that gets washed and reused by the restaurant. So much for our appetite.

EBT baloney

When I do my grocery shopping and use my EBT card, it is put through a scanner, and the only things it will cover are human food items and not necessities like toilet paper or soap or cat food. So it boggles my mind that someone is claiming to be able to buy cigarettes with an EBT card. That’s baloney.

Pen power

Some countries, such as China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, Iran and Syria and many others have leaders who have a “pen” and “phone,” and they write something on a piece of paper, sign it and they declare it a law. I am surprised that it has taken the person we elected as our president such a long time to catch up to them.

What a joke

New Hampshire illegal immigrants get tuition break! What next? We have laws, but they are not really laws. This is wrong in so many ways. There are limited openings for New Hampshire residents to state schools because they need the revenue from out-of-state students. I know this because UNH told me so when my daughter applied. If passed, there wild be a box to check that you are an illegal, which then will give preference to that person. For Rep Rick Ladd to say it’s only 15 students is a joke. Because if it passes those numbers could grow to who knows what.