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February 4, 2014

Sound Off

Clowns for Christie

So now that Chris Christie’s top guy has provided evidence that Christie knew about Bridgegate and lied to the public, do you think maybe we’ll finally get a couple of mea culpas from the daily right-wing extremist apologists who haven’t been capable of placing so much as a pinky toe in reality for close to a decade? Here’s your chance, folks. Or would you rather just keep putting on the makeup and red nose and floppy shoes every morning?

Justin Lohan

Heard they have a petition to deport Justin Bieber. That is so funny. They should deport every foreigner who gets arrested. Of course, finally getting Bieber, it might help him to grow up. Another Lindsay Lohan!

Bieber advice

Justin, come to Massachusetts. We allow drunk driving by illegal immigrants and go on to issue them permanent visas saying their arrest was a good thing. Also, if you are deported, you can just ignore the order to leave and possibly live in subsidized housing here. We might even pay for your education at the University of Massachusetts.

FLOTUS and Fonda

Michelle Obama has reaffirmed her hatred for America by befriending traitor Jane Fonda, who during the Vietnam War posed next to a cannon with North Vietnamese soldiers. All were smiling. This cannon probably killed some Americans.

Cereal racism?

Why is there a problem with Cheerios commercials with an interracial couple? Interracial couples have been around forever. People need to get real and stop taking things the wrong way. Nothing racial about those commercials. The little girlis so cute!

Don’t blame Bush

So tired of people still blaming past presidents. Sorry but things aren’t getting better. President Obama is making them worse.

Against pot

Is there really medicinal marijuana? I say it is a legal way to keep people addicted. People don’t want a methadone clinic that will actually help people, but they don’t mind keeping someone addicted. Personally, I think it’s mind over matter. I am against legalized pot because I don’t believe people will be using it for medicinal purposes only.

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