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February 4, 2014

Sound Off


Too late now

I have written before about how our elected officials are self-serving and arrogant. Someone said the answer may be to contact our congressmen. I think it is too late to ask them to police themselves. Look what happened to Scott Brown when he exposed their “legal insider trading.” So perhaps it may be time to get a civil liberties lawyer or two to bring a class action suit against the government for abuse of power, failure to represent the interest of the public they serve. Something like that. How does one go about this?

Change is coming

So a writer thinks that a person should receive a living wage, but the business owner should not have to pay it. These large billion- and trillion-dollar companies like the fast food chains know that kids and grown-ups take these jobs for just a short time to get spending money, then leave. These giant corporations expect this, and as soon as someone leaves, they have new help. It’s been working for years, but it will change because the time is coming when the minimum wage will go much higher and should.

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