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February 4, 2014

Our view: Phragmites warnings should be heeded


Currently there are several large stands of phragmites, most notably along Route 1 in Salisbury, where they have grown so tall and so thick they completely hide the long views across the marshes. For those who are used to looking across the miles and miles of open salt marsh vistas, the stands along Route 1 in Salisbury are a stark display of what the future holds.

There have been efforts to control phragmites in the Great Marsh, but it is a difficult battle. They are notoriously difficult to kill off. In fact, cutting them down makes them come back even thicker and stronger. More resources and better efforts are needed to push them back.

The purpose of the video is to draw attention to the problem and to help in an effort to win a $3 million grant to eradicate phragmites from the Great Marsh. This is a worthwhile effort, one that should be tackled now. A decade from now, when the phragmites stands have doubled or tripled in size, we will wish that we had spent the money when the problem was more manageable.

Kudos to Moore, Walker, Phippen, Hydren, and the many people who contributed money to fund the film. It succinctly and expertly explains the problem, and lays out a path to solve it. We should heed the film’s warnings and advice.

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