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February 5, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Bad neighbors

Unfortunately there is a very inconsiderate family in our neighborhood. Last year was brutal. We couldn’t wait for the good weather to leave because these people have three or four motorcycles, and their friends with motorcycles join them. They also have trucks that they let run for 20 minutes to a half hour. The fumes permeate our homes. Not to mention the dogs in their yard, howling at all hours. No one will talk to them for fear of retaliation. I guess Methuen just does not have a noise ordinance.

They lied

It amazes me that there are those who think that Benghazi is no big deal. Don’t they realize that four of our men were begging for help and we did nothing? Then to make matters worse this president and secretary of state along with Susan Rice went on TV and lied, telling us it was because of a video. The president went before the United Nations and apologized, knowing full well that it was a lie. Tell the parents and partners and children of those four men that it was nothing to write home about.

Peppers not so hot

Great lights, nice dancing, but were there any words to the horrible “music”? The Red Hot Chili Peppers stunk. Just one more half time flop for the NFL.

Pay attention

How does a man get to sit at the teen table in the Haverhill library staring at a child, and this goes unnoticed for 30 minutes? How does this same man follow a boy into the men’s room, and this goes unnoticed? When the boy stepped outside the library he was followed, and this also went unnoticed. I am not pointing fingers at the library staff, but did no one see any of this odd behavior? In this age of pedophiles, sex offenders and kidnappers, we must all be vigilant when we see men and women acting strangely around children.

Wake up, Haverhill

I would say we are too far down the road to not vote for a new school in Haverhill. Here we go again. Who is going to really watch construction to make sure all is done right? And where is the maintenance plan for all city-owned buildings? Haverhill is not unique in this case but could lead the way. One day we taxpayers will wake up and all go to the voting booth to voice our displeasure.

Parents should pay

It was stated regarding the new Hunking school that it is our civic duty to built up our educational infrastructure, in other words raise our taxes or, as our mayor would have you believe, extend our debt. How about thinking about the elderly for a change? They can barely stay in their homes because of these constant tax increases. Here’s a novel idea: If you have children in the Haverhill school system and are so concerned about civic duty, you pay the tax or so-called debt extension based on the amount of children you have in the system.

Blame drivers

Another bad accident at Brandy Brow Road and Amesbury Road. Could a flashing caution or stop light help? Possibly. I blame drivers. Intersections and roadways are not at fault. They don’t jump up at you. It is all on the drivers. Too busy on a cell phone or just in a hurry.