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February 6, 2014

Letter: Free enterprise means prosperity

To the editor:

Our federal government in Washington continues to build huge, unsustainable debt that President Obama believes it is the way out of our economic troubles. Apparently the White House believes in nonstop spending -- not only for the president's personal family but spend and spend more money irresponsibly on bail-outs for companies "too big to fail", environmental companies run by the president's friends that cost the taxpayers billions in failed projects, and to cities to fund good construction projects that were not constructed but the funds were diverted to boost hiring of police, teachers, and firefighters. Now, these cities' taxpayers are left holding payrolls that are too large and are asking homeowners to accept more taxes to continue to provide those vital services.

The president is expanding the welfare system and health care through Obamacare. The lack of a real immigration program encourages more illegals to cross the borders of America for benefits. If these types of fiscally irresponsible programs were to continue for three more years under President Obama, our debt may reach a point of no return -- over $20 trillion, endangering the Social Security and Medicare systems, and government pension programs just as some European countries are experiencing. It's a real prescription for disaster.

Even more importantly our freedom as Americans is under threat by this progressive, socialist government. There is the loss of freedom of religious organizations that do not participate in the ungodly practices pushed by Obama against their free will. Businesses under Obamacare are forced to accept overly harsh, socialist laws in order to do business. Middle-class workers will feel the brunt of this even more as all businesses and services will need to consider before increasing their jobs in the future.

This crafty designed expansion of control by Obama's big government seems designed to destroy the American system of freedom and our Bill of Rights. We need not see this happen in the America we love if we support free enterprise and control spending. Many believe that America's best days of prosperity and freedom are ahead of us, for all Americans.

Ed Brooks


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