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February 6, 2014

Sound Off

Party's over

Roger Federer thinks his best tennis is still ahead of him because he has a new coach. He is 32 years old. Most very good athletes do not have a chance at greatness -- only a very few do and they only get it once. It may last a year or several years but once it's gone that's it. Tiger Woods is also in the same boat. When he had a marriage problem, his greatness ended. Tom Brady left his greatness behind him when he was out with a leg injury. These guys are still good -- very good. But the party is over and they just don't know enough to go home.

Endorsing sin

In 1995, Haverhill was voted by Money Magazine as the No. 1 city in the Northeast. We moved here in 1997, and for a while, it was true. Since then, Haverhill has put blood on its hands by adding an abortion clinic under the title of "women's health." Some 56.6 million babies have died under that false flag since 1973, and Haverhill is contributing. More liquor licenses are issued and bars stay open longer. Now they want to give us a marijuana dispensary and a methadone clinic. What's next, a "Riverside Casino Boat"? Haverhill's elected officials are too busy salivating over the federal dollars they will get by turning a blind eye to sin. For shame! The federal and state government should not be in the business of endorsing vices. Can't any elected official show a spine and stop endorsing sin? Because of their choices, house values are plummeting, schools are nothing compared to 20 years ago, crime is not only more rampant but more severe.


As a World War II volunteer, I am disgusted the way the courts have handled the case of Tsarnaev. Here is a man, an American citizen, who he has killed three people and injured 260, many of them maimed for life. He is guilty of treason and should be punished the way this country has always dealt with treason. He should and will get the firing squad. He was of sound mind and knew what he was doing.

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