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February 7, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Mental health

There was a time when those with psychotic mental health issues who were diagnosed as being a threat to society and themselves and could not function outside of a mental health facility. The new theory is to release them and hand them some medications that they should take regularly. The bottom line is that there are thousands of time bombs walking the streets and waiting to do harm to some innocent people.

Commuter rail

Plaistow citizens said a definite “no” to a commuter rail service study. So against a majority of citizens’ wishes, a Plaistow selectman has appointed himself as the only Plaistow representative on the feasibility study committee. And by his own admission, he is for rail service. People, there is no reason to vote because your representatives do not care. They will do whatever they want.

Settle this

Gee, the city of Methuen and Chief Solomon still haven’t reached a settlement. Chief Solomon will be retired before a settlement is reached. It would be nice if the two sides would stop butting heads and settle. Pick a number, any number, and settle!

Make work

No jobs? Get creative! Buy a used chain saw. Place a sign in your car window: “Will cut the deadwood on your property and take it away.” The sign should also say: “Firewood for sale — a lot cheaper than the other guy.” In the spring buy a used lawnmower. Put another sign in your window: “Have lawnmower, will travel. There are companies that are willing to train you to learn a new skill. The first step is to get off of your couch and get up at bat.


What is all the applause for the Archdiocese of Boston developing another Haverhill project for Section 8 tenants? Enough is enough. Do we have any responsible leaders left in the city?

Need draft

Once again, there have been more murders. The news is always filled with assaults, drug busts, burglaries and murders. Maybe if the draft was reinstated it would help clear up most of the problems. It would teach these criminals to learn respect and discipline and maybe the value of human life. Also it would weed out the illegals in this country. Just a thought.

Quick response

I want to thank the Haverhill Police Department’s Officer Ron and the dispatcher that I talked to for their quick and friendly help. I called to report that my mailbox had been taken out by a vehicle. The dispatcher was quick and efficient in taking down my information and said that someone would be sent out to talk to me. Despite the storm, Officer Ron was at my house only 30 minutes later to take my statement. I know my problem was a small one but they still took care of it quickly, which I greatly appreciate. Thank you, Haverhill Police, for all you do!


Obamacare is now proving to be a total disaster. Every day there are more revelations of the total chaos it is causing the American people. There are now more people uninsured than ever. My question is: Why would Obama and the Democrats want to hurt the American people so badly? They always said they were the party of the people. Obviously, they are not.