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February 7, 2014

Letter: Support Eyring for School Board

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

I was so excited by the announcement that Ken Eyring is running for School Board in Windham. Since my husband and I moved here from Westchester, N.Y., two years ago, the rapid growth of our school taxes has reminded us of the main reason we left New York, where I had first-hand experience with the public schools because of my son.

Shortly after moving to Windham, we were surprised to discover that the new town we now call home is following in Westchester’s footsteps -- with high administration expenses that are consuming a growing portion of Windham’s school budget. My frustration increases each time I hear our school administration say that “we are very light on administration.”

Last year, we became very concerned about our future here when we saw the cost of the proposed new school construction and how it would dramatically impact our property taxes. The enormous cost figures were clearly explained by the Windham Taxpayers Coalition, which was co-founded by Ken and several other Windham residents.

The detailed school analysis from the WTC’s website helped to show my husband and I that we wouldn’t be able to continue to live here if our property taxes were not managed properly and spent more wisely.

Since then, we hoped that we would be able to vote for a candidate that is rational, analytical, thinks out of the box and looks for bottom-line results without sacrificing the quality of education that is essential for our children. Ken is the right choice.

Our schools have challenges, but Ken has new ideas to deal with those challenges, such as opening a charter school that would solve our crowding and not raise our taxes. If we elect Ken to the Windham School Board, he would use his passion and analytical expertise to address the needs of all of the residents of Windham.

I enthusiastically support Ken Eyring for the Windham School Board on March 11, and hope you feel the same.

Wendy Karlberg