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February 8, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — March for life

It was inspiring reading the March for Life letter from Theresa Gorey. This March for Life pilgrimage in Washington was not carried on any network or cable station except the Fox News Channel. It was obviously avoided by the liberal media because the rights of unborn children aren’t on their agenda, but yet every other march in Washington has been covered by them. And, places like Planned Parenthood use taxpayer’s money for these shameful abortions.

Fooled me

There was malicious intent behind New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s “Bridgegate.” It is also a perfect distraction for the investigation into Christie’s mismanagement of Hurricane Sandy funds for self-serving projects. During the Hurricane Sandy affair he put on a great face, appearing to have put partisanship aside for the sake of the people of New Jersey -- he certainly had me fooled -- only to go behind their backs and use their emergency funds for selfish purposes. Why is nobody talking about this?


If the GOP is to continue to exist in this country they are going to have to change their ways and thinking toward the middle class of this country. They are worried now and realize they have been going in the wrong direction for years and it is catching up with them. The 1 percent may hold all the money but there are not enough of them when it comes to votes.

Staying home

With the recent weather, it is time for a vacation. Where to go? Take a cruise? No, too much Norwalk virus. How about going to another country like Russia for the Olympics? What would you bring along? Bottled water, MRE meals and doggie treats come to mind quickly. Ah well, maybe I should just stay home.

Bankrupt cities

This is in response to the comment “Detroit” from last week. The reason the city is “the dump that it is” is because the city went bankrupt because they couldn’t afford to pay for all the promises they made to the city unions and pensions. A footnote to this is that most if not all the states that are in financial trouble are run by Democratic governors. Please check your facts before anyone disputes this.

Ban them

A guy in Dartmouth has a stand off with police. Police find guns and two books. One is “Encyclopedia of Serial Killers” and the other was about how to make methamphetamines. Seriously, why does someone write books about those two things? How screwed up are they? So many crimes and other things come from TV, the Internet, video games, movies, and even the news. Isn’t there any way to put a stop to all these? What does the broadcasting system do anyway?