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June 11, 2013

Letter: Let’s separate the truth from the lie

To the editor:

As Lawrence citizens, we should not allow the truth to be replaced with a lie. The lie is that it was Mayor Lantigua’s brilliant idea to bring in the Department of Education to take over Lawrence’s public schools. The truth is that the decision was made by the state Department of Education based on an 81-page report on the schools.

This report stated more than one time that the School Committee under the chairmanship of Mayor Lantigua failed to lead and give direction to the Lawrence School Department. Also included in the report was the fact that the School Committee under the direction of Mayor Lantigua failed to replace former Superintendent Laboy after the committee fired him. Instead of hiring Assistant Superintendent May Lou Bergeron as the superintendent, Mayor Lantigua and three other members of the School Committee voted to do a nationwide search for a superintendent, which after all was said and done also failed. This was the initial reason the state took over Lawrence’s public schools.

It was not Mayor Lantigua’s brilliant idea to bring in the state to take over the failing schools as he so wants us, the citizens of Lawrence, to believe. Mayor Lantigua continues to tell this lie over and over again in his state of the city addresses and at every opportunity he gets to speak before the public.

The DOE coming to help fix Lawrence’s failing schools came after the decision to take over the entire school system had already been made.

Mayor Lantigua knew the state was coming in but insisted on saying he alone asked the state to come in.

Some people may be thinking, so what? Or, what difference does it make why the state came in? The important thing is that the state is here.

I say, the truth always matters.

Peter Larocque


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