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June 11, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Listen up, lady

Why do people think it is their right to take a left turn at a light while drivers are attempting to go straight through the intersection? I just had an elderly woman literally screaming at me because she tried to follow a vehicle that took a left and I proceeded to go straight through the intersection. This happens to me all the time, and I’ve had it! Let me proceed through the light, then you can turn. I hope you print this so the lady I encountered on Route 110 realizes she was in the wrong and changes her aggressive driving habits.

Sad state

I see where Councilor Fountain is feeling his oats and trying to intimidate the mayor because the mayor won’t transfer $33,000 to cover the cost of the law firm. Councilor Fountain, if you and your fellow councilors had done the right thing to begin with in the first go-around at replacing the solicitor, things wouldn’t be in the sad state they are now. There are four councilors who always try to do the right thing but are outvoted by the Gang of Five. So why do I see this law firm getting permanently hired to represent Methuen? And mark my words, it’ll cost Methuen more then it would have if it had found a lawyer to replace the old solicitor.

Markey’s flip-flop

I have a question for Ed Markey on abortion: Ed, you flip-flopped on this issue back in 1983 when it became clear that Paul Tsongas’ Senate seat might be up for grabs in 1984. Why did you flip-flop? Did you no longer believe the obvious scientific fact that human life begins at conception? If human life doesn’t begin at conception, please enlighten us and tell us when it begins. Then tell us what that life is one minute before it begins. You might also explain why a supposed privacy right is more important than a right to life.

Dogs run free

Do dog owners in Lawrence know there’ a leash law? I don’t know why they think it’s OK to let their dogs out without one, worse yet let them roam free. I hate not being able to walk my dog down the street without being charged by an unleashed dog and once having my dog attacked by one. If nothing else they should be concerned for the dogs’ safety. It’s bad enough driving in Lawrence having to swerve around pedestrians, skateboarders and cars parked in the middle of the road without worrying about dogs running out from nowhere. If you don’ have a secured area and you’re too lazy to let your dog out on a leash, you shouldn’t have one. I don’t know why animal control doesn’t do anything about this.

Just wait

If you think people are angry and upset with the present set of government scandals and cover-ups, wait until HAARP (the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and the government’s weather manipulation program finally hit the news.