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June 11, 2013

Editorial: Drunk driver without pity deserves none from us

If you’re thinking about getting behind the wheel of a car after “a few” beers, consider first the case of Cameron Dearborn of Danville.

Dearborn was drunk when he crashed the car he was driving and killed his best friend and Pinkerton Academy classmate Korey Traficante.

Both were 17 at the time of the crash; Dearborn is now 19.

They had been drinking beer with friends at Dearborn’s former home in Derry the night of Nov. 20, 2010, when they took off in a friend’s car.

The car hit a stone wall and tree then flipped over on Frost Road in Derry, not far from the house where they had been drinking. Trafficante’s lifeless body was found in the back seat. Dearborn was in the front seat, screaming and trying to call out through the windshield.

Dearborn learned nothing from the horrific accident. While awaiting trial, he was arrested by Danville police last year on charges of drug and alcohol possession at his home, where police found beer and marijuana. He ultimately pleaded no contest to marijuana possession.

During the trial Dearborn showed little or no remorse or regret about the death of his friend. Instead, he claimed that the friend was the one who was driving that night.

A jury didn’t buy Dearborn’s story and in March convicted him of negligent homicide and aggravated drunken driving.

Dearborn sobbed when the verdict was read, tears streaming down his face.

On Friday, Rockingham Superior Court Judge N. William Delker sentenced Dearborn to five to 10 years in state prison. Dearborn will also lose his license for nine years.

At his sentencing Friday, Dearborn again portrayed himself as the victim. He told the judge he misses his friend. “I think about him all the time,” he said.

But his real feelings were for himself.

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