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June 11, 2013

Editorial: Drunk driver without pity deserves none from us


“This whole thing is a bad nightmare,” he said. He has been harassed and threatened, he said.

“I have emotional scars — images that won’t go away. It was a stupid decision to make.”

Dearborn’s “emotional scars” are nothing to those of Kevin and Angela Traficante, the parents of Dearborn’s victim, Korey Traficante.

“It just hurts so much,” the mother said. “I’ll never get to hear him again. He’s all I think about. I miss him so much.”

Kevin Traficante said he lost his home and business because he couldn’t leave his house or work for three months, just thinking about his son. “He was cheated and robbed out of the rest of his life,” the father said.

Dearborn’s own father wasn’t present for sentencing. He was barred because of an outburst after his son’s conviction, when he hurled obscenities at Traficante’s father and proclaimed, “At least I’ll be able to see my son again.”

Judge Delker showed little patience with Dearborn or his claims of victimhood at Friday’s sentencing. “There was absolutely no need for anyone to get in that car that night,” he said.

The judge practically scoffed when the prosecutor suggested that Dearborn also be sentenced to 500 hours of community service lecturing high schoolers about the dangers of underage drinking.

The judge said the unrepentant Dearborn isn’t the one to be delivering that kind of message.

There was no sympathy for Dearborn from the jury or the judge, and there’s none for him here.

He killed his best friend, tore apart two families and wrecked his own life, and his only pity was for himself.

Now he will have five years, or perhaps a decade, to think about that. If you want to avoid his fate, don’t make the choice that Dearborn did.

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