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January 2, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Driving tests

About drivers these days, have you seen the Registry of Motor Vehicles test? My son studied the whole book, and had all the laws, rules of the road down cold. He passed, but told me that 10 out of the 25 questions were about drinking, open container laws, and the Massachusetts blood alcohol limit. They do not test to see if you have a complete knowledge about the rules and procedures of the road. While at RMV in Lawrence I watched people who did not speak any English go in for the driving test. The instructor said, “If I signal for them to turn, can they understand me?” And off they went. There are no accidents.

Road collisions are caused because the RMV has not thoroughly tested to see if one is truly worthy for the skill of driving. When I took the driving test 25 years ago, I had to show proficiency in all situations, both on paper and when communicating to the people at RMV. I have no tickets, and have been driving the same car for 22 years. I just wish the government we pay for would clean up its act and get those bad drivers off the road. Driving is a privilege, not a right.

More lies

So now that we’ve learned that President Obama and his cronies knew that people would lose their health insurance and their doctors, will we see all the other Obama lies as well? Will it be closing down Guantanamo? What about getting 80-percent of our electricity from clean sources? How about going line by line through the budget to eliminate programs that don’t work? How about increased protection for whistleblowers? What about eliminating gas and oil loopholes or eliminating capital gains for small businesses? Where are the child care credits and fixing the marriage penalty? Where’s that pre-filled out tax form and automatic 401(k) and IRA enrollment? I’m still waiting for that annual state of the world address!

This administration will say anything to get their way. Lies upon lies upon lies — that’s what this administration is founded upon.


I just saw on TV a female model who wanted to look like a male model so she had her hair shaved like a fellow! Isn’t this ridiculous? Aren’t there enough male models? She had to do this when her long hair was beautiful. Stupid move, I’d say.


I have to laugh at the city of Haverhill releasing their public employee year-end report. They claim to have filled 896 potholes. I didn’t realize that was something they kept track of. I wonder what their definition of a “pothole” is? Is there a minimum diameter? What if one runs into another? Does that count as one and a half, or two? Do they have one person standing there with a note pad counting, while the other fills them in with the shovel? Maybe if they spent more time filling the potholes instead of counting them, they could get more work done.