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January 2, 2014

Letter: Remote locks could provide gun control

To the editor:

Truly effective gun control is having guns that can only be fired where and by whom we want them to be fired.

To this end, please envision this: What if every gun manufactured, and those already in circulation in the United States, were equipped with a remote control safety lock that was permanently attached inside the trigger housing and tamper-proof. What if every public venue had a remote transmitter on its premises which sent a signal to the safety lock locking the trigger making any gun within its protected zone unable to be fired? What if any attempt to tamper with the lock or interrupt a signal from a transmitter resulted in automatically locking the trigger, which then could only be unlocked by a bonded gunsmith?

What if guns outside the protected zone, and only those of military/law enforcement were unaffected by the signal from the transmitter? Wouldn’t private citizens be totally free to use their guns for protection and recreation (I am one of them), and at the same time, wouldn’t the public be protected from unlawful use of firearms?

Impossible you say? Couldn’t be done? “Things seem impossible until they are done,” said Nelson Mandela.

The truth is we already have this technology. All that remains is a serious commitment and collaboration among government leaders, gun manufacturers. the NRA and concerned citizens.

We can do this. Past innocent victims of gun violence cry out that we do something different, something out of the box, something truly effective.

If we don’t do this, the blood of future victims, the inevitable result of our inaction, will be on our hands.

Charles Santagati


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