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January 3, 2014

Sound Off


In regards to handicap placards, I know of many who use the disabled placards of friends or family members, while not disabled themselves, just to get a closer parking spot. That is wrong and not fair to those that really need those parking spots. I have a qualified disabled daughter in a wheelchair with a placard, but if she isn’t in the car, I refuse to use it for one of those handicapped spaces.

Tourney format

I am very happy that the Christmas basketball tourney has a new sponsor with lots of money and support. However the new format makes no sense. Two games does not a champion make!

Do nothing

Nice that Congress finally agreed to something. However there is still a lot to do. I cannot believe that money was taken away from veterans and not from all of the illegal immigrants. Just goes to prove that our politicians will reward those like them. Do nothing and get something for it. Continue to do nothing and get elected to Congress.

Sold out

I attend the local holiday basketball tournament every year. It is a great opportunity to watch some quality basketball and catch up with many friends around the holidays. From what I read in The Eagle-Tribune, this year’s final boys championship game was a great game. The problem is I had arrived with my daughter, who was home from college for the holidays, to attend the final game between Andover and Central Catholic. We arrived at Merrimack College at 7 p.m. for a scheduled 8 p.m. game. Unfortunately, we along with about 300-plus other fans never made it into the gym. The game was sold out. I was informed by the fire official that the Merrimack College gym holds a maximum of 900 people. The Lawrence and Andover gyms both hold over 2,000 people so this was never a problem in the past. This is definitely an issue that should be addressed for next year’s tournament. It is with great disappointment and frustration that I write this.

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