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January 6, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Too liberal

Way to go, Singapore! Five stars. There are very few drug drug dealers there! In our country, there are too many liberals. There are too many needless deaths.

Babies at risk

It is so disturbing to hear of yet another baby being viciously attacked by the mother’s boyfriend, usually not the baby’s father. What’s wrong with these women who trust their boyfriends with their babies? And what are these boyfriends doing at home, while the mother is working? What is that all about? I know times have changed. But when babies are victims of out of control boyfriends, these babies’ mothers need to pay more attention. These sad stories are happening too often.

Slipping away

The American people were so hungry for change they did not do their homework. As we speak the Second Amendment is being abused by the government, the IRS is giving our personal information to the government. Why are we giving $5 billion to Libya and Egypt each year but can’t give wounded veterans and retired veterans what they were promised? You can bet the soldiers who sacrificed their lives and bodies never wanted this type of country. It was liberty they went for. So sad. It’s a sad day when politicians sign a major health law then read it. What worries me is that America is so quiet. I think we are so politically tired. A blind man can see in the near future that freedom will be gone.

EBT cards

I was in the checkout line at the grocery store behind two women. While the cashier was scanning their groceries, they were both typing away on their iPhones. Their groceries rang up at almost $500. What did they whip out? Their taxpayer-funded EBT card! Shocking! This is not the first time I have seen this. Is an iPhone issued with an EBT card? I thought the EBT program was for folks in need. If you can afford an iPhone then why are the taypayers paying for your groceries? We need accountability for this program, please!

City Hall

Can someone explain to me the workings of City Hall in Lawrence? I can’t get through to any department, have to leave a message and they don’t call back. They work at a snail’s pace. No one knows what the other is doing. I don’t even know how they function. Mayor Rivera, I hope you clean house and hire people who know what they are doing. It is an absolute embarrassment. I am available to work and will show up!


OK, so what are these right-wingers going to do now that we’ve seen the “real” skinny on Benghazi? I mean how many times can these folks be proven wrong before they start feeling a little bit insecure about running their mouths without any kind of factual data to back up their claims? Have they no sense of dignity or pride, never mind integrity?


This country’s obsession with food is phenomenal. Yes, it is wonderful all the food drives to feed the needy. But what about affordable housing for senior citizens or low-income people? State and federal housing assistance has long waiting lists. In the meantime, if someone becomes homeless, there is little to no emergency assistance other than over-crowded homeless shelters. The stipulations and rules are restrictive and non-applicable to some and just totally inane when it comes to helping people in need. Senior citizens are basically balked at and there are families living in their cars.