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January 7, 2014

Sound Off

Global warming

By now you have probably heard of the Antarctic expedition that had to be rescued after their Russian ship became trapped in the ice. Three other icebreakers also failed to reach the trapped vessel and the 53 passengers had to be rescued by helicopter. What you haven’t heard from the media, is that the goal of the expedition was to document evidence of global warming. Oops! Sometimes the truth is inconvenient. All Gore, the high priest of global warming, could not be reached for comment.


It may seem excessive but my elderly uncle can barely walk make his way through ice and snow while there are those who abuse the privilege of special parking. That isn’t right at all. Maybe the picture should be always displayed or the expiration date be made large and on the front of the placard. Everyone should make time in their lives to try to fix inequities!

Juvenile justice

Now they want to let murderers out of jail because they were teens when they did these terrible acts. This state is run by a bunch of boobs. I cannot understand the way these people think. Mark my words this is going to come around and bite these so-called smart people right in the behind.


Regarding the recent, pathetic Supreme Judicial Court ruling that “approved overwhelmingly” the absurd notion that juvenile killers have the “constitutional right” to be paroled. The majority of liberals on this pathetic court feel more compassion for the criminal element then they do for the poor victims and their families. Some of these so-called “juveniles” committed some very heinous murders, and they truly deserve the death penalty. But since the politicians and so-called judges feel that the death penalty is “cruel and unusual” punishment, they lowered the standard to life in prison with no parole. Now, they lower their standard even more by stating that life in prison is “cruel and unusual” punishment. Keep voting for liberal Democrats and guarantee this pathetic nonsense will continue.

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