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January 8, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — No justice

I think that the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court should now work on changing the words to the Pledge of Allegiance, something that our children say in school every day. It’s evident that in their minds, the last line, “and justice for all” does not apply.

Nice try

I see where Methuen Mayor Zanni wants to have better cooperation and understanding between the City Council and School Committee. Isn’t that like the pot that called the kettle black? This comes from a man who gets into a snit that would make a 2-year-old proud when members of the City Council don’t agree with him. I don’t see that changing any time soon but nice try, Mayor Zanni.

Private schools

I am so sick of hearing how the local private schools think that they are doing something for us and that we should be happy and we should feel grateful that they are located in our towns. They are the ones who benefit, not us. Most do nothing at all or the bare minimum to help the host towns. One of the things that they always say is that they let us use their soccer fields. Really, who does that benefit, the town or the few individuals that use the fields. The majority of town residents see absolutely no benefit from having a private school or schools within their borders. The schools are not entities unto themselves although they would like to think that they are. They use our roads, water delivery systems, power grid, police services, EMT services and fire services. They add to local road congestion and often are nuisances to their immediate neighbors. If they really wanted to help us, they would voluntarily do it without the towns having to pass laws to force them into it. Enroll a couple of extra students and donate the tuition to the town. Our taxes pay for the services that you use and benefit from.

NFL schedule

Leave it to the geniuses at the NFL to schedule the West Coast team at 4 p.m. this Saturday, giving them essentially a 1 p.m. game. That leaves the Patriots with an 8:15 start, meaning the people going to the game won’t get home until well after midnight. Also, in terms of the NFL’s problem selling-out tickets to the really cold games, stop building open-air stadiums in cold weather cities.


Let’s not forget two facts on Benghazi. One, more security and protection was asked for, in fact begged for, for weeks prior to the attack. Two, the White House tried to blame it on anger stirred up by a video. Regardless of new developments, these are facts and not just “right-wing propaganda.”


Many now sincerely hope this new year brings enlightenment for all those who voted for Barack Obama. I hope they realize their huge mistake supporting a president who constantly lies and deceives the American people just to continue his destructive agenda for our great country. Never in all my years have I witnessed such fraud, deception and lawlessness coming from a president and his administration. America deserves so much better.