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January 9, 2014

Sound Off

Twelve days

I think it’s so funny. Christmas enthusiasts put up their trees and lights early, some even before Thanksgiving. But as soon as Dec. 26 dawns they take them down. Why? The First Day of Christmas is Christmas Day and the 12th Day is Jan. 5, the Day of The Kings as my mama called it. In other words, it’s the day the Three Magi presented their gifts to Christ. The Twelve Days of Christmas is not just a song, it is based on religious belief. If people love Christmas so much, why don’t they celebrate until Jan. 5 by at least leaving their lights up? Just wondering.

Minimum wage

In his Dec. 4 inequality speech, President Obama pushed raising the minimum wage 40 percent to $11 per hour,claiming falsely that “in real terms the minimum wage today is lower than when Harry Truman was in office.” Another lie. When Truman left office in 1953, the minimum wage was 75 cents an hour. Adjusted for inflation that would be $6.55 today.

No excuses

They worry about light bulbs but not guns. A young girl goes in to have tonsils removed, and ends up brain dead due to a doctor’s mistake. A 3-year-old has a dental procedure and dies. A 5-year-old dies at his father’s hands because he kicked his teacher. Seriously, why are children paying for adults’ mistakes and mental illness? A little boy has been missing since September and thankfully his sister mentioned it to a teacher. There are no excuses for any of these actions or mistakes! We have money to protect other countries but not our own! Come on politicians, wake up!

Hillary Clinton

It’s beyond me how anyone would want Hillary Clinton to be president of America. Her past record as secretary of state is abysmal. Her job was to establish better relationships with other countries. Now we have turmoil in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Israel, North Korea and other countries. The only thing Hillary Clinton did was rack up frequent flyer miles and have a grand time for herself. Hillary Clinton also was involved in a cover up with the terrorist attack in Benghazi.

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