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January 10, 2014

Sound Off



Every town should be thankful for the private schools within their borders. Parents pay the private tuition and still pay their taxes to support the public school. Every child that goes to the private school is alleviating costs to the public schools. You’re welcome.

Defending EBT

Stop harping about EBT cards! Estimated erroneous payments: 1.3 percent. Overall, including fraud, it’s 4.7 percent. Lets attack Medicare and Medicaid, 10 percent fraud, and throw in Social Security — 667 indictments recently. Unable to stop it all. Get away from your computers. Go out and help an elderly person. Show us that you have a heart.

Right from wrong

The Supreme Judicial Court stated that research showed that a minor’s brain hasn’t been fully formed so the law should deal with minors differently. Has anyone out there ever had any involvement with today’s teenagers? There isn’t much they don’t know, and they certainly should know right from wrong by the time they are in their teens. As our children are growing through different stages of life it should be impressed upon them that whatever crime they commit they will be punished by law to the fullest, no matter what age they are. Who knows? Maybe then there would be fewer crimes taking place.

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