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January 11, 2014

Sound Off

Pants on fire

A very perplexing situation has befallen the American people with the current choices of probable candidates for president in 2016. We have one Democratic pathological liar and criminal, Hillary Clinton, and now a Republican pathological liar and criminal, Chris Christie, to replace the ultimate pathological liar and criminal, Barack Obama. Obviously, neither will be able to come close to matching those skills of Obama, but the closest in my opinion would be Hillary Clinton. Since America now favors and totally accepts lying and deception as essential requirements for president, this situation indeed will make that decision in 2016 a very difficult choice for the voters.

Running scared?

Last week Organizing for America, President Obama’s marketing arm sent out an email to supporters urging them to vote for Democrats to keep the Republicans from impeaching Obama. Scare tactics and lies? Or fear? You decide.

Where’s Zanni?

Mayor Zanni has jeopardized the safety of the residents of Methuen with his political retribution. Headlines state the mayor is cutting captain positions in the MPD; they did not mention adding patrolmen. There were two home invasions and a stabbing at the hospital. We are all over the news, yet where was the mayor? Lawrence is moving on the right direction while Methuen is sinking.

You’re welcome, Michelle

I am sure you want to say thank you for our more than generous birthday gift. Enjoy your extra long stay in Hawaii with Oprah and your other friends at our expense. Air Force One will be over to get you soon at a cost of $800,000, but don’t worry, it is very important to us that you continue to “like” our country.

Dodge City

So the lawyers group voted against the death penalty, assuming of course that nothing would ever happen in their family to vote otherwise. Now does this mean that prisoners serving life eat the same food, have same the recreation time, have a roof over their heads, watch TV? In other words would they be living the same prison life as a man in jail for beating his wife or another person? If it means that he will be living the same life as a man in for drunken driving, then each state better start building more prisons because our country has become like Dodge City. It is so easy to get a gun now; grandma could get one on the street corner. How many minutes between murders in this country? I forget.

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