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January 12, 2014

Your view: Letters to the editor

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---- — Obama’s acolytes still hiding real story on Benghazi

To the editor:

The media’s large corps of Barack Obama’s zealous operatives, hereinafter BOZOS, is at it again. In the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2012, murders at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, Barack Obama and company, hereinafter BOAC (not to be confused with the Beatles’ favorite airline) told a number of bald-faced lies concerning the attacks that had occurred. The lies were told with mindfulness by BOAC that many in the U.S. populace, within hours of the attacks, were beginning to puzzle out the truth about what had happened in celebration of radical Islam’s day of destiny.

The lies never took, at least not wholly. They were, per usual, readily accepted by BOAC’s mindless acolytes and easily swayed idolaters. Aware of all the skepticism surrounding the bumbling effort of Susan Rice to deceive the nation on behalf of BOAC, the BOZOS tried a different tactic. It began to be suggested that Benghazi was merely one of a number of minor matters, including BOAC’s tapping of AP reporter phones and the attorney general possibly seeking criminal charges against a reporter, that were distracting from the important business of the country and its government.

This tactic also gained little traction. The latest attempts by BOZOS to discredit those who would dare to present a view of what happened in Benghazi that is uncomplimentary, to put it mildly, to BOAC involve the suggestions that impartial investigatory information by reliable agencies support BOAC. These organizations are seen here as selective, but in no way reliable or impartial, at least not for the American people.

Lara Logan was suspended from CBS News for a “60 Minutes” offering that included false representations by a would be profiteer, hoping to look the hero while reaping profits from a book about 9/11/12 in Benghazi. The FBI told the New York Times (head BOZO in my view) that the profiteer had told the FBI a different tale. This allowed the Times, Huffington Post and various other BOZOS to say that Logan’s work was “discredited.”

What was discredited were the inputs from a lying “witness.” The piece itself was, by topic and theme, an exposure of the frustrated attempts by security personnel in Libya, including our murdered ambassador, to get more help in an increasingly dangerous situation in Benghazi. In spite of repeated pleas to BOAC for more security, the heroes in Benghazi were left high and dry by BOAC, for what reasons one can only speculate.

After Rice’s performance, speculation here goes directly to a BOAC decision to hide the truth.

On Jan. 3, 2014, a column by Martin Schram, attempting to exonerate BOAC, appeared in The Eagle-Tribune. This piece stated that Susan Rice was both “uninvolved” and “misinformed.” Speculation here is that Rice was involved completely in a BOAC process and was informed by that process as to what she was to tell the world. Who the culprits were is once again left to our collective imagination.

Schram’s piece also says that he had a “document” that proved what he was saying and that he would reveal his source. It is unclear in Schram’s writing who that “source” might be, although it is suggested that it might be the New York Times or the CIA. Schram liberally refers to his information as “intelligence” which might mean that he thinks he revealed that the CIA was his source.

If that be the case, Schram reminds us of the CIA’s role in helping BOAC to create the lies Susan Rice told. It was through their “talking points” that BOAC was able to fashion a script for Rice to follow. Schram, of course, mentions none of this in his piece.

Barry McCloskey


Ruling places victims in fear

To the editor:

I typically don’t pay much attention to Facebook posts that link to articles, causes or political issues. However, recently I saw a link post on a friend’s Facebook Page and I immediately recognized the face. It was Beth Brodie. It might be strange that I recognize her face without hesitation because I did not know her personally; however her story is something that I will never forget. I grew up in Newburyport and was a teenager when Beth Brodie was taken from this world. I saw people all around me feel the impacts of this horror of this crime.

I started to read the post and learned about the recent Supreme Judicial Court ruling on extending parole to convicted criminals; I felt a deep sadness in my heart. Considering convicted criminals for parole just because the crime was committed when there were juveniles does not bring the victims back or allow the families to have closure. This change also lets teenagers today know that their crimes will not be taken a seriously as they should. We already have so many teenagers committing horrific crimes; we should not let them feel like they will not have the full consequences they deserve.

It took me a couple minutes to figure out why this decision was having such an effect on me. I felt that the Beth’s family was being betrayed by the justice system. I had so many questions running through my mind. How could there even be a consideration to allow Richard Baldwin to have the option for parole? Twenty-one years after Beth’s family and friends suffered the greatest loss that they have to relive every day, how is it even possible they may have to face parole hearings and relive this? Why do they not get a say in this? Why are the rights of a criminal who made specific and intentional choices to take a life more important than the life he took and the lives he permanently tarnished?

Letting these criminals out on the same streets that the families of the victims have to walk every day is dangerous and wrong.

I was the victim of a terrible crime as a young girl (pre-teen) and lived through a horrible trial and ultimately my attacker got off with a light sentence. I knew that when he was released, I could not share the same streets as him. I made the choice to leave my home, my family, my community that I loved to ensure I would not run the risk of bumping into him on the street. I fear for the Beth Brodie’s family and the families of others who may be impacted by the recent Supreme Judicial Court ruling. The do not deserve to go through this and live life in fear of bumping into the man who murdered their daughter.

Please do not allow more criminals to walk the streets and more families to live in fear every day.

Courtney Perez

Acworth, Ga.