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May 24, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — House buries Rock

Let’s not put a casino at Rockingham Park because we don’t want gambling. Doesn’t the opposition realize there has been gambling at the Rock for some 108 years? Rockingham Park could have been brought back to life, but instead it’s once again been buried by the House. Truly a shame.

Charity pests

About the firefighters collecting for MD this weekend: While I applaud their service, no one is looking forward to this, it’s not happening across the country and I’m not going on vacation. I refuse to give to anyone doing this. We are besieged by all kinds of charities asking for money daily, in particular police and fireman. Traffic is bad enough and the fireman are at all the choke points. Why don’t they stand in front of the post office, grocery stores, Home Depot, Dunkin’ Donuts? Plenty of people and no interruption of traffic.

New state motto

In their infinite wisdom, the New Hampshire Legislature killed the casino bill. So, I guess the alternative to losing $130 million a year income to the state will be to keep raising our property taxes. It will now cost us more money to live here, and we will probably have to foot the bill to change the state motto on signs and license plates to “Live Free, Live Poor.”

NH blew it

Now is the time for the state of Maine to build a casino just over the New Hampshire border. New Hampshire can continue to live in the dark ages.

Administration of lies

What have we come to in this great country when we cannot trust a president and his administration? The pathetic performance of Lois Lerner refusing to answer any questions about the IRS scandal before Congress is indicative of a government that continues to deceive the people to protect itself and its destructive agenda. America was founded on truth, justice and fairness and deserves much better than this administration of lies, corruption, and criminals.

Love the Fifth

President Obama has trampled over the Constitution, using executive orders and the IRS and EPA to do his bidding. But there is one amendment that he does like: the Fifth Amendment. Now his “low-level” employees can avoid testifying to Congress about why four Americans were left to die in Benghazi and why the IRS was targeting conservative and religious groups.

Your choice

Who does everyone think pays for the grooming and manicuring of cemeteries? Cemeteries are private institutions. So, if you wanted your loved one to be in a cemetery that provides flowers and water and mows the lawn, you would be paying money for those services. The gorgeous cemeteries you see, have thousands and thousands of dollars coming in weekly from families and the decedent’s accounts. With the money you save from that, you can buy a 50-cent gallon of water and some flowers for a few dollars.

The Cannot Council

The Methuen City Council cannot get out of its own way. It cannot make a decision on hiring an interim law firm to cover until a new city solicitor is hired. Additionally, the council cannot even decide on how to recruit new candidates. One councilor does not appear to be present at all. During all this, the recently fired solicitor is collecting his pay and laughing all the way to the bank.