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March 7, 2014

Letter: What you see is not what we get

To the editor:

As I sit to write this, the eastern seaboard is preparing for another large polar blast, with extreme conditions from Georgia to Maine.

The two-thirds of the United States population who have been directly affected by this extreme weather over the past 90 days or so may be on board to accept the right wing media story being ladled out. You should know this story by heart: Climate change is a hoax.

This particular fable was shattered on Feb.14, when the Associated Press released a story that except for the northern and eastern parts of the United States, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported the fourth warmest January since records have been kept. That is since 1880.

Over the world, 6.75 billion people were experiencing much warmer weather conditions, not just in the Southern Hemisphere, where they are in their summer solstice, but in places like Alaska, which was 15 degrees warmer than usual. This included most of our Pacific seaboard. Europe’s temperature is above their normal winter climes. The Olympics had to truck in snow, and folks were walking in shirtsleeves on four separate days during the winter games.

The 200 million Americans from Minneapolis to Miami who were battered by these extreme conditions, were left without power and, in many cases, no heat to keep them warm. Some waited as long as a week before power was restored to their homes.

This again only verifies what climate scientists have been saying for the last 30 years. To deny climate change is placing our people and planet in peril.

Robert Burdin


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